BAC Attends The North American Housing and HIV/AIDS Research Summit VIII

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BAC Attends The North American Housing and HIV/AIDS Research Summit VIII:
Tackling the Social Drivers of HIV

September 14-16, 2015, Washington DC
Omni Shoreham Hotel

Launched in 2005, the Housing and HIV/AIDS Research Summit Series is a unique interdisciplinary forum for consideration of research findings and policy initiatives that focus on the role of housing, poverty and other structural determinants of HIV prevention and care outcomes. Summit meetings support knowledge transfer and evidence-based skill building among people with HIV/AIDS, health and housing researchers, service providers, and policy makers at the global, national and local levels. The Summit Series has become the primary venue for informing HIV/AIDS housing policy in North America, and is an influential forum for broader discussion of the role of housing in disease prevention and management.

A strong evidence base identifies housing status as a key social driver of HIV vulnerability and health outcomes, and shows that receipt of housing assistance has an independent, direct impact on HIV care, health status and mortality among people living with HIV/AIDS. Participants in Summit Series meetings share and discuss new research findings, and then work together to translate the evolving evidence on housing and health into concrete action strategies to inform policy, practice and ongoing research.

Bridging Access to Care (BAC) has 122 units of permanent scatter-site supportive housing, including 50 units funded for HASA NY/NY III Population H clients in Brooklyn. Additionally, BAC operates a Housing Placement Assistance (HPA) program funded by Public Health Solutions (PHS) through Department Of Health to assist HASA clients find permanent housing. This program assists in identifying and securing, safe and affordable housing, either supportive or independent. The HPA program helps clients negotiate leases, and obtain security deposits. The program also provides housing star-up kits and assists in applying for furniture allowance when eligible.

For more information and questions about BAC’s Housing Placement Assistance Program, contact Holly Stuart, LSCW, Housing Manager, (347)-505-5148,