Community Outreach services in BrooklynBAC outreach staff conducts outreach activities that actively engage high-risk and HIV positive individuals on the MOBILE UNIT and in traditional settings.


Blood tests for people living with HIV/AIDSActivities include health education/risk reduction information, HIV testing & counseling, syringe distribution and disposal (ESAP), agency promotion, consumer recruitment and referrals for additional prevention care. BAC provides community outreach through health fairs and workshops, and health screens on the mobile unit.


BAC-NY's Mobile Van
BAC-NY’s Mobile Van

Mobile Unit:
The Mobile Unit is stationed in several Brooklyn communities such as Bedford Stuyvesant, Bushwick, East New York, and Williamsburg. The unit provides a package of services that includes:

  • STI Screens
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse screenings
  • HIV Testing & Counseling
  • Syringe Distribution & Disposal (ESAP)
  • Referral & Linkage to primary medical care and other services.

BAC-NY's Mobile VanMobile Unit Mental Health Screenings:
BAC’s mobile unit team offers mental health screenings on the mobile unit. ESAP services and health screenings are provided by the Physician Assistant and/or trained staff. Individuals who indicate a need for additional mental health services are referred to the appropriate staff or department for follow-up such as a psychologist or licensed mental health provider who administers the mental health assessments and oversees the clinical aspects of the client’s care.

The program maintains a list of referral resources that are available to individuals who needs help. Appointments are scheduled through the clinic personnel.