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Coordinated Care for People Living with HIV/AIDS

Allison Benjamin

Allison Benjamin, Senior Case Manager 

“One thing that I like about working at BAC is the staff that I get to work with every day.  Each day that I come to work, I know that I am going to have a great day because of the beautiful people who work here.  It is truly a blessing to work at BAC, and I am so grateful to be here.”


BAC’s Coordinated Care Program offers an integrated care model that provides a holistic approach for individuals and families living with or affected by HIV/AIDS or individuals who are not HIV positive but may suffer from chronic illnesses such as heart disease, hypertension and diabetes with the potential risk of using the emergency department for receiving care. Our targeted case management (TCM) component is a part of the Coordinated Behavioral Care (CBC) Health Homes. Our services/programs include:

  • Case Management/ Managed Care services
  • Targeted case management (TCM)/Health Homes
  • Treatment Adherence

With one phone call or visit, our consumers can be connected with a wide array of programs and services to address their physical, psychological or spiritual needs. All contacts are confidential. We will provide services at home, office, or other locations depending on where consumers feel most comfortable.

Case Management/Managed Care Services

Family centered low-intensive case management services, targeting HIV infected and affected individuals and families, as well as individuals whose behaviors place them at high risk for HIV/AIDS.

Eligibility Requirements
Individuals and families infected/affected by and/or those at high risk for HIV/AIDS. No medical insurance is needed.

Targeted Case Management

Comprehensive case management model to serve persons with chronic illness.

Eligibility Requirements
Individuals identified with chronic illness and a high level of usage of the health care system who are eligible for Medicaid.

Treatment Adherence Program

In partnership with Kings County hospital, BAC provides a comprehensive treatment adherence program for persons living with HIV and at risk for non-adherence. Services include education, pharmacist counseling, modified directly observed therapy, individual counseling, and group treatment education.

Eligibility Requirements
Individuals who are HIV positive and are at risk for non-adherence to medication regimen.
For more information about these services or to make an appointment
please contact: 347-505-5138.