The Health Homes Program at Bridging Access to Care

Henry Ghaston

Henry Gaston, Case Manager 

“There are many things I like about working at Bridging Access to Care. I like the work environment and the camaraderie that is formed with my colleagues, But what I like the most is the services and support Bridging Access to Care provides for the clients to assist them with moving forward with their lives.”

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The Health Homes Program at Bridging Access to Care is designed to assist you with coordinating your health care needs including referral to medical, mental health and substance abuse treatment services.

The Health Homes staff at Bridging Access to Care

The Health Homes Program is a component of the New Health Care Reform ( Obama Care) and is paid for through Medicaid. The Health Homes Program could benefit you if you are on Medicaid and have any one of the following chronic medical conditions including but not limited to:

Heart Disease Asthma
Hypertension HIV/ AIDS
Substance Use Diabetes
Mental Health Problems High Cholesterol

The Health Home Program at Bridging Access to Care will assist you in navigating the health care system. A Care Manager will be assigned to you and they can assist you with the following:

Minimize or reduce unnecessary E.R. visits and preventable hospitalizations
Identify a medical provider if you don’t have one
Schedule medical and or specialty care appointments
Obtain referrals for specialty care needs including but not limited to mammograms, gynecology pain management, etc.
Coordinate with your providers including medical, mental health and substance use providers.

Your assigned Health Homes Care Manager can also assist you with other social service needs including:

Housing Referral, SSI/SSD applications, food and clothing pantry referrals, legal matters.

The services listed above are at no cost to you and are available for you through your Medicaid Managed Care Plan. The purpose of the Health Homes Program is to encourage and assist you in maintaining a better quality of health care through consistent attendance with your primary care provider.

Maintaining consistent contact with your medical provider will enable you to minimize unnecessary E.R. visits and hospitalizations thereby obtaining a healthier level of care.

For further information on this wonderful program and how it can benefit you, please contact Nadine Ranger-Akinyemi, Director of Social Support Services at 347-505-5115 or Doreen Walker, Supervisor, Health Homes Program, 347-505-5187.