HIV Testing and Counseling

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Getting Tested for HIV

Blood tests for people living with HIV/AIDSBAC provides HIV Testing & Counseling to the Brooklyn communities through partnerships with churches, schools, and other community agencies; at mobile unit locations at several street corners identified through the Brooklyn Mapping Project; and on-site at several office locations. Testing & Counseling services are also provided at 502 Bergen Street primarily by appointment although walk-ins are also welcome. BAC outreach and health screening staff use the Rapid Test method; test results are available in 20 minutes. Individuals are provided with linkage to care which includes medical treatment, nutrition, substance use counseling, and case management as necessary for the continuation of care.

For information on mobile unit locations and to schedule an HIV testing event, or make an appointment for confidential testing, please call: 347-505-5151

HIV Testing Using Social Network Strategy (SNS)

HIV testing at a health screening clinicBAC provides a new strategy to help individuals know and address their HIV status. We are looking for individuals who have been tested and received their results in the last 12 months, practice unprotected sex, share needles with anyone, have multiple partners, and engage in risky sexual behaviors. We wish to encourage such individuals and his or her circle of influence (social network) to test for HIV. Individuals must be willing to speak to their close friends and family about getting tested, and must have a vested interest in keeping their community safe from HIV infection.

If you fit these characteristics, we would like to speak with you about becoming a recruiter for this new initiative. Contact: 347-505-5151 or 347-515-5167 for more information.