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Department:  Behavioral Health

Job Title:  Therapist

Job Summary:

The Therapist is responsible for providing person centered planning and service delivery services to individuals assigned in the HCBS program.  Provide Psychosocial Rehabilitation designed to assist individuals with compensating for or eliminating functional deficits and interpersonal and /or environmental barriers associated with their behavioral health.  Provide Community Psychiatric Support and Treatment through time limited goal  directed supports and solution-focused interventions; Provide Habilitation/residential Support Services in acquiring retaining and improving skills such as communication, self-help, self-care , socialization etc. to enable participant to integrate fully into the community.  Services are provided as individual/ group therapy.  Administered through appropriate behavioral interventions as needed (CBT, Seeking Safety, Motivational interviewing etc.) and are delivered in mainly in community and home settings.  Maintains accurate and up-date records in accordance with the programs policies and procedures.  Supervises Peer Specialist.  Must be highly organized and able to provide collaborative and concurrent documentation.  Must be able to travel in the community daily.

Qualifications Required: LMHC/LMSW/LCSW

Please send all inquiries and your resume and cover letter to Eileen Sunshine: