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Building healthy communities, one person at a time

Bridging Access to Care is a community-based organization that provides compassionate, trauma-informed care across mental health support, substance use treatment, supportive housing, and prevention education.
image of Bridging Access to Care is a community-based organization that provides compassionate, trauma-informed care across mental health support, substance use treatment, supportive housing, and prevention education.

Bridging Access to Care was the very first HIV/AIDS organization in Brooklyn. After we officially established ourselves as the Brooklyn AIDS Task Force in 1986, we have prioritized serving persons living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) since the beginning of the epidemic. In 2012, BAC successfully made the transition from an AIDS-centered organization to a multi-service community-based healthcare organization.

The growth has allowed BAC to continue treating PLWHA while expanding our services to address their families’ medical and behavioral health needs, as well as the communities in which they live.

Today, BAC provides social support services to under-served racial and ethnic minority communities in Brooklyn and other parts of New York City.

Our mission is to provide coordinated health care and supportive services to help individuals, families, and communities build strength, resilience, achieve wellness, and live healthy, productive lives.

Our core values

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We recognize that what we say and do can affect others, and we are committed to doing so with as much information, openness, and cooperation as possible.
icon for Empowerment
We know that, individually and collectively, we have the strength to overcome challenges, make necessary changes, and accomplish our goals.
icon for Wellness
We can achieve wellness by promoting self-care skills and cultivating investing in our communities to build an environment that supports our mind, body, and soul.
icon for Community
We care about the health of every member of the communities we serve and we reach out and show up when needed.
icon for Excellence
We provide exceptional services to our clients every day.
icon for Respect
We listen and value others’ decisions, opinions, ideas, and beliefs, regardless of their differences from our own.
icon for Equality
We are committed to educating ourselves and our communities to reject violence and oppression in our lives and the people around us.
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Our future

Our community deserves quality health care. Recognizing the increasing demand for behavioral health services in a fragmented health care system, BAC’s Board and Management launched a new strategic direction in May 2021 to provide comprehensive trauma-informed care and adopted a multi-disciplinary approach to the support the implementation.

Ensure the Board's capacity to support BAC to achieve the desired strategic direction, including governance structure, financial, and strategic partnership.
Establish a pathway to comprehensive care through integration of behavioral health service.
Leverage technology to expand into new revenue models.
Organizational Culture
Nurture a trauma-informed care culture through wellness-oriented activities and trauma-informed supervision and coaching.
Human Resources
Attract, equip, and retain the right talents.
Finance & Fund Development
Diversify revenue and improve the agency's ability to raise capital and unrestricted funds.

Our history

Fulfilling over 37 years of community wellness

  • 1986
    Brooklyn AIDS Task Force was founded as the very first HIV/AIDS organization in Brooklyn.
  • 1987
    Began providing HIV prevention education services
  • 1990
    Received Certificate of Incorporation as a non-profit organization in New York State Began providing comprehensive case management and care coordination services to people living with HIV/AIDS Launched an adolescent health peer program focusing on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention
  • 1992
    Began providing harm reduction services to individuals formerly involved with the criminal justice systems
  • 1995
    Expanded harm reduction for persons with HIV who use substances
  • 1998
    Piloted HIV treatment adherence program
  • 1999
    Launched the Expanded Syringe Access Program (ESAP)
  • 2000
    Began providing evidence-based HIV prevention education services
  • 2001
    Obtained OASAS Article 32 license to provide outpatient substance misuse treatment
  • 2002
    Launched the HIV Treatment Adherence program Became an HIV Testing provider
  • 2003
    Launched the HOPWA Housing Placement Assistance program for persons living with HIV/AIDS
  • 2004
    Launched food pantry (closed in 2014 due to relocation)
  • 2006
    Launched the Young Men who have Sex with Men (YMSM) program
  • 2007
    Launched the first mobile unit for outreach, prevention education, and HIV testing Became a Hep C Testing provider
  • 2008
    Expanded the supportive housing program for people living with co-morbidities, including HIV, mental health, and substance misuse issues
  • 2009
    Obtained OMH Article 31 license to provide outpatient mental health treatment
  • 2012
    Officially changed name to Bridging Access to Care, Inc. Became a Health Home Care Management Agency (CMA
  • 2013
    Launched 340B Pharmacy Program
  • 2014
    Piloted trauma screening in the harm reduction program
  • 2015
    Participated in DSRIP
  • 2016
    Launched the Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) module along with our electronic health record (EHR) system
  • 2018
    Joined the learning community of the National Council on Behavioral Wellbeing
  • 2020
    Joined the Trauma-Informed Care Peer Project funded by the NYS AIDS Institute Launched Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Team Awarded the SAMHSA Certified Community Behavioral Health Center Demonstration Grant
  • 2022
    Awarded the SAMHSA's Grant for the Benefit of Homeless Individuals (GBHI) Launched OASAS-funded medical mobile unit
  • 2023
    Awarded SAMHSA's Enhancement and Expansion of Treatment and Recovery Services for Adolescents, Transitional Aged Youth and their Families (TREE) grant. Piloted a strategic partnership with Clipper Equity to bring wellness-oriented activities and housing resources to Flatbush Gardens' tenants receiving vouchers
  • 2024
    Launched new OMH-licensed mental health clinic in Williamsburg at 390 Berry Street