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HIV Support Services

The foundation of BAC has been treating individuals living with HIV for all of their needs since we launched in 1986.
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Available programs

Our organization offers tons of tools and resources We provide medication assistance and testing, help securing proper medical treatment, coping skills, and harm reduction practices.


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Individuals living with an HIV+ or AIDS diagnosis have access to multiple resources and support groups to improve their wellness, including treatment plans, interventions and workshops.
Free and confidential HIV, Hepatitis C and STI testing
Harm Reduction Group
One-on-one psychiatric support
Medication management

HIV Positive Coping Group

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Our Harm Reduction Mental Services group gives insight into essential strategies and practices that can help individuals living with HIV reduce their substance use to cope with their diagnosis. This program utilizes the Seeking Safety curriculum to create coping plans for clients.
Learn new coping skills to help manage symptom grief
Gain new knowledge about prevention habits
Linkage to care
Find solidarity with others

Medication Assistance

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Are you an individual living with HIV and looking to save money on treatment? Our 340B Pharmacy program allows BAC to assist in clients' medication management by providing discounts to eligible client, as well as the option to have their prescriptions delivered by mail.
Access a pharmacist 24/7
Receive delivery of medications at location of choice
Customize medication needs
Communicate with the pharmacy to monitor medication use and verify delivery

Free and Confidential HIV, Hepatitis C and STI Testing

image of Free and Confidential HIV, Hepatitis C and STI Testing
Our Care Team is able to offer free and confidential testing to all, including individuals without insurance. We test for HIV, Hepatitis C and STIs at our Brooklyn locations, as well as on our mobile unit during outreach events.
No insurance required
Confidential and quick
Some results available within 15 minutes
Linkage to care for positive results

Women's HIV Positive Support Group

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Our HIV Transmission Reduction Group, Women Involved in Life Learning (WiLLOW), empowers women living with HIV to take control of their health through four sessions of skill building, open discussions and health education.
Individual counseling with our Senior Counselor
Learn to cope with diagnosis
Determine risk factors that can increase transmission
Identify healthy and unhealthy relationships
Linkage to care

Seeking support for your diagnosis?