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Support Groups and Evidence-based Intervention

Our groups and interventions supply clients with essential coping tools, health education and peer support as they navigate diagnosis and treatment.
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Available programs

BAC is committed to improving the health and wellness of all New Yorkers. Our unique groups and interventions allow clients to also receive individual counseling, peer support, workforce training opportunities, social support and health education while taking control of their health.

Anger Management

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Our anger management program, formally known as Alternative to Violence, brings together individuals to learn coping tools and other behavioral resources that will lead them to healthier decision-making. We provide our courses to both mandated clients as well as volunteer clients.
Individual counseling with our Senior Counselor
Gain new coping practices
Learn healthy communication skills
Identify and address triggers
Referrals to other BAC services

Parenting Journey

image of Parenting Journey
Our Parenting Journey workshop is a 12-week course for parents from all walks of life who want to create positive change when approaching interpersonal relationships.
Individual counseling with our Senior Counselor
Learn healthy communication skills
Nurture relationships with children
Become empowered
Earn more confidence

HIV Positive Coping Group

image of HIV Positive Coping Group
Our Harm Reduction Mental Services group gives insight into essential strategies and practices that can help individuals living with HIV reduce their substance use to cope with their diagnosis. This program utilizes the Seeking Safety curriculum to create coping plans for clients.
Learn new coping skills to help manage symptom grief
Gain new knowledge about prevention habits
Linkage to care
Find solidarity with others

Women's HIV Positive Support Group

image of Women's HIV Positive Support Group
Our HIV Transmission Reduction Group, Women Involved in Life Learning (WiLLOW), empowers women living with HIV to take control of their health through four sessions of skill building, open discussions and health education.
Individual counseling with our Senior Counselor
Learn to cope with diagnosis
Determine risk factors that can increase transmission
Identify healthy and unhealthy relationships
Linkage to care

Men's STI Prevention Group

image of Men's STI Prevention Group
This intervention group, called VOICES/VOCES is intended to teach men how to navigate a healthy sexual lifestyle, including learning about condom use and safer sex alternatives.
Individual counseling with our Senior Counselor
Learn about proper condom use
Discover best practices for safe sex
Identify risk behaviors
Learn about transmission control

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