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Services for Children and Youth

Youth and children can receive education around substance misuse, sexual health and lifestyle choices while learning to be empowered by their health.
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Available programs

Our youth services align directly with our goals to promote and develop a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle while creating a safer future for children. Our mission for youth prevention is to make sure they feel confident, safe and supported while navigating their sexual and mental wellness.

Individual Counseling for Children (Ages 6+)

image of Individual Counseling for Children (Ages 6+)
Youth from the ages of 6 years and old and up can sit down with one of our counselors to address stress factors that may be negatively impacting their mental health and development.
Learn to deal with difficult emotions
Reduce stress and anxiety
Develop healthy coping skills
Gain confidence and self-awareness

Health Monitoring for Children

image of Health Monitoring for Children
Any child that steps through our doors will work with our nurse to bring out the healthiest versions of them possible.
Medication management
Behavioral health education
Nutritional counseling
Education around diagnosis

Too Good for Drugs and Violence

image of Too Good for Drugs and Violence
This 10-week workshop is designed to lower a child’s chances of using substances in the future by mitigating their risk factors. Our Health Educators work with local schools to teach students about substance use, healthy decision-making, communication and other important tools.
Underage drinking risk
Smoking and vaping risks
Sexual health education
Healthy coping skills for stress
Anger management
Goal setting

Life Skills Workshop

image of Life Skills Workshop
This 10-week workshop opens up a new world for children to develop higher self-esteem while also learning about other cultures and lifestyles.
Expand communication skills
Learn about time management
Develop effective employment skills
Navigate healthy relationships

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