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Wellness Education

Our workshops and intervention programs equip our clients with the tools to lead healthier and more fulfilling lifestyles.
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Available programs

Our mission around promoting wellness is to make sure that our clients feel confident, safe and supported while navigating their sexual and emotional health. While our primary focus is on educating prevention practices for individuals living with HIV, substance use disorder and those who engage in high-risk activities, we also teach crucial tools that can help our community build healthy communication, reduce stress and lead more fulfilling lives.

Outreach Education

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Our outreach opportunities allow members of our Prevention Education department to go directly out into the community to provide hands-on education. As we work to defeat the stigmas around prevention, our Outreach Team provides vital information about healthy choices, the impact of substance misuse and how to keep yourself and others protected.
Learn about the best safe sex practices
Receive essential health education
Make healthier choices
Discover new coping tools for stress
Learn more about BAC's programs

Youth-Centered Programs

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Members of the youth between the ages of 13-17 are able to access essential resources that will help them to make positive choices and build healthy relationships with their peers. Our Health Educators work with local schools to teach students about substance use, healthy decision-making, communication and other important tools.
Too Good for Drugs and Violence workshop
Health education presentations in schools
Summer Youth Advisory Board

Anger Management

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Our anger management program, formally known as Alternative to Violence, brings together individuals to learn coping tools and other behavioral resources that will lead them to healthier decision-making. We provide our courses to both mandated clients as well as volunteer clients.
Individual counseling with our Senior Counselor
Gain new coping practices
Learn healthy communication skills
Identify and address triggers
Referrals to other BAC services

Parenting Journey

image of Parenting Journey
Our Parenting Journey workshop is a 12-week course for parents from all walks of life who want to create positive change when approaching interpersonal relationships.
Individual counseling with our Senior Counselor
Learn healthy communication skills
Nurture relationships with children
Become empowered
Earn more confidence

Healthy Relationships

image of Healthy Relationships
BAC offers a Healthy Relationship course to adults who want to build their skills towards healthy communication and identify behaviors that can lead to conflict.
Learn to cope with HIV-related stressors
Identify healthy and unhealthy relationship patterns
Increase self-efficacy and positive expectations
Build new skills for navigating conflict

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